The Reason

What's the point of another blog, right? Well let me explain:

-I like to write to help me process information that I'm learning. I like to read, but if I don't write about what I'm reading it will most likely soon be forgotten.

-I also really like to share. I really enjoy sharing the discoveries I've made with my friends and family, and to share my struggles and accomplishments.

-I also enjoy feedback from my friends and family about the discoveries I'm making, the books I'm reading and the struggles and accomplishments I have in life.

I hope that this site can become a place where all of that happens. I'll try hard to do my part, and I beg for your patience, sometimes I'm slow (I'm going to try really hard post at least once a month, but hopefully quite a bit more often than that) all I ask is that you help fill in the blanks.

Thank you so much,