Saturday, September 10, 2011

July and August

Isn't it always the way, that you really want to start something and stick to it, then it peters out, slowly, you don't even notice, then one day you realize, oh yeah, that's gone.

Well that's the way I am with blogging. I really love it. I love writing my thoughts down like this. But for one reason or another I just can't seem to stay on top of it.

July and August were particularly busy months for us (I almost wrote weeks, because they seems more like it than months this year). In July we moved. I know. Get over it. That was a hassle. It didn't last all month, but the process of unpacking and trying to figure out what goes where and all that does. You would think we'd have it down by now, but it just doesn't seem to work out that way. And Stephanie's responsibilities at work tripled. She replaced a guy at work that decided to walk the Appalachian Trail instead of being a responsible adult (yes, I'm jealous) and she had to learn everything he knew well enough to do it when he left. It meant a lot of extended hours. It also meant I was playing Mr. Mom every evening. That lasted until near the end of August. We had virtually no free time and only ate about one meal a week together. Our most intimate moments were giving each other a kiss in the parking lot as we swapped our son for the evening. We're still on a similar schedule, but it's a little more relaxed now, so we at least get to eat two or three meals together every week.

Near the end of August we decided that I was going back to school, college specifically. So I started my general education classes at Onondaga. The end goal is seminary. I have a misty vision of starting an urban church where the Bible is preached clearly, thoroughly and expositionally. I'm not up to the task, but I'm going to give it everything I got. We're still unclear where I am going to go for both undergraduate and seminary and I'm very much open to suggestions.

An unfortunate side affect to busyness is a loss of priority. My reading has fallen to a new low, both Biblical and non-Biblical alike, which I'm not excited about. I've just recently picked back up Bonhoeffer: Pastor Martyr Prophet Spy, which is very interesting. I hope to have it finished sooner rather than later.

So, right now we're in a very interesting place. Stephanie is the breadwinner, I'm a student working part-time and our future is a little foggy. God has something in store for us, and He's trustworthy, I know that, it's just tough not really knowing when to pull the trigger and when to leave the safety on.